Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My current skincare

Favorite Products

Ciao! As I may have told you before, I created a new blog just for Beautyreviews and News, however I still want to post some beauty-related content here again to create a colourful mix of travel, fashion and beauty. Everytime I get ready, I always remember, how much I love makeup and testing out new skincare products. Because I'm always on the hunt for THE "beauty holy grail" and "fountain of youth creme" I always try out new stuff and only a few products wowed me that much, that I rebuy them. That's why, in comparison to my last skincare routine, I use utterly different products.

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version!

Garnier Facewash

I rediscovered an oldie-but-goodie on my last birthday trip and it's the Garnier Hautklar 3in1 Facewash. It is perfect for travelling, because as the name suggests, it contains 3 products in one. I have really oily skin and this product is particularly made for that skin type. It is more like a claylike creme with big peeling particles in it, which some would consider as too harsh, but as my skin isn't sensitive at all, it makes my skin feel really fine and even. Especially on my trips, I get more blemishes than usual, caused by the travel stress and the often unhealthier food, so I use it as a mask every other day. If I just use it as a facewash, I always use a facial toner or micellarwater afterwards, to get rid of the last make-up residues.

I wrote a whole review on my other blog before, because it became one of my favorites over the past few weeks. The Dead Sea Firming Moisturizer is a mild  anti-aging-creme with natural ingredients like Albumin, Cornstarch, Acacia, and Vitamin C . It has a really light texture, because it is on an aloe vera basis, so it's for all skin types. It soaks right into the skin and leaves it hydrated. After using it for some weeks now, my skin looks more firm and smooth. Also my first lines are less noticeable. This may be a product I would probably purchase again.
You can find it here on the Swisa homepage or on Amazon.

Nivea Cellular Perfect Skin Korrigierende Augenpflege

As an eyecream at the moment I use the Nivea Cellular Perfect Skin Correcting Eye Cream. It's a mixture of an eye cream and a concealer, so it's the second 2in1 product in my routine. Because of its tint, it brightens up dark circles perfectly and I often didn't need to use a concealer on top. I didn't notice much of a smoothing or care effect, but until now I haven't found an eye cream with improving benefits for my undereye area, yet.

Louis Widmer Creme

This is the newest addition to my "product range". I received the Louis Widmer Creme Pro-Active Light to test out and it became my new essential night cream. Recently I used many different creams in the evening, but the next morning my skin was either feeling dehydrated or too oily and it often didn't look relaxed. I think because this product contains Hyaluronic acid, my skin looks more plump. The name is a bit irritating, because it is definitely not light. My skin looks really greasy after using it, but feels thoroughly moisturised.