Sunday, 29 October 2017

Warsaw - Outfit Day 2

Day two of our Warsaw adventures. I was already complaining in a previous post, that it is extremely difficult to do a citytrip in winter only with hand luggage. Maybe it isn't a problem for most people, but if you want to take outfitpics everyday, like I do, then you need different coats or jackets. And they of course take up a lot of space. First-world-problems I think right now.:)
So there you have start with layering and on your flights putting on your heaviest und most voluminous clothes. Fortunatelly I took my hoodie jacket with me, because it was raining from time to time. And we definitely underestimated the polish weather, because even though we are used to (kind of;) the cold, german weather, the wind there was icy. So I even had to buy another thin cardigan there for layering.

In these pics I am wearing: a faux-fur jacket and necklace from Primark, underneath my thin hoodie cardigan from Pull&Bear, a long, sleeveless knit top also from Pull&Bear (pins attached by me), (self) distressed jeans and gold studded boots from H&M

Monday, 23 October 2017

Warsaw - Rising Museum

During our "city tour" we learned, that the Warsaw Uprising was one of the major historical events of the cities history, if not even the most important, when the polish resistance fought to liberate the city from its german occupation. After these 2 months, over 85% of the city was destroyed.
The museum deals with the events that took place before, during and after that happening. It is said to be one of the most innovative museums of Poland and that made it even more interesting for me. Normally I don't like museums, that are only about war, because I find them too depressing and upsetting, but because this event was so important, even for the identity of the city nowadays, this museum has to be on your schedule, when visiting Warsaw. With its dark atmosphere it takes you back to that wartime, but is more fascinating than depressing, because you see how the people fought for their freedom.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Warsaw - Historical Heart

With our voluntary city guide (part one here for the explanation:) we continued our walk through the historical center, from the castle square to the old town market place and the barbican. I never thought, that the city would be so colourful, quaint and picturesque, but it shows how wrong you could be. Because the city was almost completely destroyed during the second world war or more explicit during the Warsaw Uprising, they rebuilt it and put it back into its original state. 
Because the Warsaw Uprising is such an important part of the cities history, logically our guide ended the tour in front of the Monument, decicated to this event. I think he would have continued the city tour, if it wasn't Good Friday and he wanted to go to church.