Saturday, 20 May 2017

Naples - Day 2 - Snaps from Pozzuoli

Day 2 was a bit of a fail, because the weather wasn't on our side. Actually I wanted to visit the ancient sight of Cuma, but because you can barely find any information about the trains and busses on the internet, we took the train on spec with vague information from a forum. Unfortunatelly the aforesaid bus drove by, which was supposed to leave every other hour and after a one kilometer walk, we didn't even find the busstop. And then in addition it also started to rain heavily and there was thunder and lightning and we had to abandon our plan and drove back to the next bigger town, Pozzuoli. I saw there was also a amphitheater, but when we reached it, it was already closed, one hour prior to the given closing hour. So we then just walked around the historical center with lots of bars and little shops. Here you can find all the sights in Pozzuoli.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Naples - Day 1 - Archeological Park at Baia

Today we digitally travel on to Naples, on of my favorite cities. Which is the best word that describes Naples? I would say "authentic", because the city is so full of contrasts. Beauty and ugliness are so close to each other, that you're sometimes shocked. But that's exactly, what fascinates me the most. And of course there are plenty of ancient sights, super nice people and delicious food.
I wonder why these are the first photos on my memory card, because to be true, this is our second day. But can I count the arrival day, when we just got to our hotel and then went to the supermarket? I don't think so. On day 2, which I now call day 1, I wanted to visit Baia, a ancient, luxury beach resort for rich romans. In Naples or I would say, the whole south of Italy, everything isn't as structured and organised as you are used to, when you are, for example (like me) from Germany. So I didn't find any information about the trains or busses on the internet, so we just took the next train in the specific direction and then used Google Maps. We walked uphill and downhill for almost 1 kilometer to find any street sign, which led us to our destination. But that's part of the adventure and you really feel like an explorer. The best part of this complex is definitely the temple of mercury (temple of echoes). With it's lighting, the acoustics inside and the water, it really is a magical place and we would have stayed there for hours, if there hadn't been other tourists.
Here some articles for more information:

Monday, 8 May 2017

Favorites from the online shops #2

The current fashion is right up my alley. If I was a millionar, I would almost buy everything.
I love these ultra feminine pieces with playful accents like ruffles, tulle and lace in pink, yellow and pastel colours. And then there are also these edgy pieces like band-tees with cutouts or destroyed denim. I collected some of my favorite items from last month in my April folder on Pinterest,, which you can find here. And I also created a list on Amazon,with some things I found there.

Die Mode die es zur Zeit in den Läden gibt ist genau nach meinem Geschmack. Entweder super feminin mit Volants, Tüll und Spitze, in Pink, Gelb oder Pastelltönen oder teilweise auch rockig z.B. als Bandtshirt mit Cutouts oder als destroyed denim. Leider bin ich keine Millionärin, sonst würde ich die Läden leerkaufen. Hier also einiger meiner Lieblingsteile aus den Onlineshops aus de vergangenen Monat. Die Links zu jedem Teil findet ihr hier in meinem Pinterestordner. Ausserdem habe ich auch einige Teile auf Amazon gefunden, welche man hier in meinem Ordner finden kann.



Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Last Snaps from Venice

So today we finally leave Venice and travel on to drumroll Naples, one of my favorite cities. A city of contrasts and surprises and suuuuper nice people. And of course there is sooo much to see. But back to Venice. After we visited Ca'Rezzonico, we had to drive to the airport and Venice said goodbye with pouring rain.

Dann reisen wir heute auch endlich aus Venedig ab und fliegen weiter nach ... Neapel, eine meiner Lieblingsstädte überhaupt. Eine Stadt der Kontraste und Überraschungen und suuuper netten Leute. Und natürlich gibt es richtig viel zu besichtigen. Doch zurück nach Venedig. Nach dem Besuch in der Ca' rezzonico mussten wir uns auch auf den Weg in Richtung Flughafen machen und wir wurden mit strömendem Regen verabschiedet.